Lust and Marriage


Is long-term desire sustainable? Is it possible to be monogam-ish? Who said marriage has to be boring?

A lust story for anyone who wonders what happens after the honeymoon....

Emily is a hopelessly romantic ethical slut in search of a soul mate.  When a Burning Man fling turns out to be the love of her life, she thinks she’s found her happy ending. But her paramour doesn’t pine for monogamy.  What’s a Pollyanna to do? Can polyamory save their romance? 

Lust & Marriage is an honest and intimate comedy that explores the complexities of relationship, and what happens when two become three. 

Eleanor O’Brien is the artistic director of Dance Naked Creative, a Portland-based company known for provocative, sex-positive theater (GGG: Dominatrix 4 Dummies, How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman, Plan V). “I have long been fascinated by the work of sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, and his influence on sexuality in popular culture,” says O’Brien. “I was inspired to create Lust & Marriage after Dan put out a call for stories from the ‘successfully monogamish’”. (Savage has given the script his blessing and recorded his voice for use in the show). “Having tried both monogamy and polyamory, I use a fair amount of my own material, as well as stories from friends.  There’s quite a bit of comedy in opening a marriage, as well as the drama you might expect.  Ultimately, it’s a love story.  Unconventional yes, but I think that’s my job as an artist.  To tell the story that hasn’t been told”.

Reviews for Lust and Marriage

Beautifully structured, it's easy to see Fringe phenom TJ Dawe's expert hand in the dramaturgy. But it is the personal charm, and unflinching honesty of performer Eleanor O'Brien that really makes Lust and Marriage...... It is just so damn refreshing to see a sex show with its big girl pants on. See this show. -CBC

Brilliantly conceived and executed….I absolutely loved Lust & Marriage. If you enjoy laughing out loud, graphic but realistic sex talk, and satisfying conclusions, I urge you to see this show.  MooneyOnTheatre

Clever and funny....Writer/performer Eleanor O’Brien knows how to grab and keep an audience’s attention. She has a resonant voice, a rich command of language and a sharp sense of humour.  -Now Magazine

Engrossing.... O’Brien recounts it all with verve and zip and generous heaps of humor...  With a presence that’s sympathetic and engaging—and a refreshing lack of preachiness—O’Brien poses questions that transcend her particular experiences.  -Willamette Week

There has maybe never been a play written by a cisgender straight woman that is more suitable for the gay community… and it’s not even a musical! - Crew Magazine

As far as expanding consciousness and entertaining, oh yeah, mission accomplished. It was a fascinating show, to watch her trace this path and her ideas about having multiple partners.  She is luminous.... and totally riveting to watch. -Portland Theater Review Podcast

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Lust and Marriage

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